Cheshire Grafton Hillsborough Rockingham Strafford
Statewide Results
FFederalist2,850 100.0%
  Total 2,850 100%
Election Notes
  • New Hampshire was entitled to elect three representatives. Under a state law adopted November 12, 1788, all three were elected at large, each voter being entitled to vote for up to three candidates.
  • These data are for the second round of voting, held February 2, 1789. When the first round was held on December 15, 1788, no candidate received a majority of the vote, a requirement for election under state law. The candidates with the six highest vote totals then proceeded to the second round.
  • All six candidates were Federalists. At least 2,850 ballots were cast, and each of these contained a vote for one or more of these candidates.
  • The winning candidates were:
  • The losing candidates were:
  • In the candidate pages (above), Unsupporting refers to voters who did not cast a vote for the candidate. In each case this is an approximation only.
  • These data are drawn from imperfect contemporary sources; see the records reprinted in The Documentary History of the First Federal Elections, 1: 835-838 (1976). Unaccounted for in the county data are 919 votes.
Jurisdiction Federalist
Sum 2,850
Cheshire 307
Grafton 111
Hillsborough 371
Rockingham 936
Strafford 206