Kent New Castle Sussex
Statewide Results
FFederalist685 100.0%
  Total 685 100%
Election Notes
  • "And be it enacted, that every person coming to vote for a Representative and Electors, agreeably to the said constitution and the Directions of this Act, shall deliver in writing on one ticket or piece of paper, the names of two persons, one of whom at least shall not be an Inhabitant of the same County with themselves, to be voted for as Representative, and one other person to be voted for as one of the Electors, for the purposes in the said Constitution mentioned which said Elector shall be an Inhabitant of the same County in which he shall be voted for." Election Law of October 28, 1788.
  • Delaware chose three Federalist electors. In New Castle, Gunning Bedford, Sr. was elected with 163 votes. In Sussex, George Mitchell was elected with 522 votes. "Kent County voted for John Banning 'unanimously'" (Lampi Collection). No other figures are available.
Jurisdiction Federalist
Sum 685
New Castle 163
Sussex 522
Source: Lampi Collection of American Electoral Returns, 1788-1825 (American Antiquarian Society)