Welcome to VoteArchive.com, a digital archive of early American election results. Dozens of elections are already online; to keep up with the latest additions, subscribe to the Vote Archive RSS feed.

Two quick notes on using this site:

1. For each election in the archive, the statewide data is presented alongside a color-coded map showing the result for each town or county. The color indicates which candidate won the jurisdiction; the darker the shade, the larger the percentage of the vote won by the candidate. Click on a county or town to see the data for that jurisdiction. To return to the statewide results, click on the text in the title strip of the results box.

2. In addition to its standard map, which displays by default, each election has an impact map. This shows the contribution (positive or negative) that a county or town made to the statewide margin. The darker the shade, the larger the raw number of votes by which the candidate bested his rival in the county or town. To access the impact map for an election, click on "Show impact map" in the bottom strip of the results box. To return to the percentage map, click on the "Show percentage map" link which will appear in the same place. Note that the only two candidates considered for purposes of an impact map are the two that performed the best statewide. Suppose, for example, that in one county candidate A received 300 votes, candidate B received 200 votes, and candidate C received 50 votes. If B and C came in first and second statewide, the margin that will matter is B's 150 vote margin over C, not A's 100 vote margin over B.